Calvin Buckley

Page under construction. Software developer with a knowledge of portability across diverse and obscure platforms (ported multitudes of software to less mainstream operating systems like AIX, IBM i, Haiku, etc.) and specialized development (work in runtimes such as BEAM and Mono; performed integration work for Mono on IBM i). I am interested in work; please contact me for such offers.


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Assorted Projects

Mono for IBM i and AIX
Project maintainer. Run .NET applications om midrange.
Created. An intentionally boring music player for Windows.
Created to replace existing system. Content management system for curated software preservation.
More projects (abandoned, half-finished, sometimes even completed) are on GitHub.


Articles Hosted Here

Win16 for Fun and (Probably No) Profit
A fun and retrospective look about Microsoft's development tools for Windows 3.1.
Microsoft's forgotten MIDI soundtrack add-in for PowerPoint
Microsoft's strange add-in for PowerPoint that gave presentations procedurally generated MIDI soundtracks.

Articles Hosted Elsewhere

Run Practical .NET Applications on IBM i with Mono
Oh hey, I ported Mono!