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Information about the AXPpci33

This page is a work in progress. I've yet to get this board going.

I recently acquired a DEC AXPpci33, also known as "NoName". This is a bare Baby AT board intended for whitebox systems with Alphas, made by DEC for other companies to use.

I had purchased this board with the intent to run NT, but ideally perhaps VMS is also possible. The VMS FAQ seems to imply it's possible via SRM, albeit with significant compromises (no PCI!?).


HID on the back. One of the annoyances of Baby AT is that you only get the AT keyboard connector. While the AXPpci33 was sold this way, there was another variant with PS/2 keyboard and mouse. Interestingly, it's implied X11 will work on at least Tru64 and maybe VMS per the manual on these boards; only NT supports the AT keyboard. What will be extremely annoying is the rarity of Baby AT cases with a PS/2 cutout.


Currently, everything I've done myself or references I've found useful. There'll be more here.