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A boring music player for Windows

Tired of applications that want their own music library, or look like a bad relic of 90s attitude? Sounds is a simple and minimalistic music player for Windows that respects your file organization, the platform's look and feel, and your own time. Inspired by Muine in regards to interface.



You can get binaries that automatically update or get the source code.


At least Windows Vista with .NET 4.5 is required. For taskbar thumbnails and controls, Windows 7 is required. To play Vorbis and FLAC files, Windows 10 or the DirectShow codecs are required.

Non-Windows is theoretically possible to support with extreme refactoring, but without much point, because alternatives like Audacious (or even Banshee in Muinshee mode) exist.


I accept patches, kind words, suggestions, and various other related materials: calvin squiggly-line cmpct small-dot info.